Three Ways Assisted Living Can Improve Your Health

To qualify for an assisted living community, prospective residents must require assistance with one or two activities of daily living. To determine this, they take a questionnaire administered by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or direct care administrator. The results of the questionnaire are used to create an individual care plan for each prospective resident. The plan details the level of care a prospective resident will receive, including personal care services and activities. The plan is updated as needed and reviewed by medical professionals.

Assisted living offers social opportunities

Assisted living for seniors promotes healthy aging by offering a variety of social activities for residents. Studies show that seniors who engage in social activities are healthier and happier. However, senior citizens who live alone have more health risks and may develop depression. Assisted living communities promote socialization for residents, as well as community environments that allow them to meet new people. Moreover, seniors who are unable to perform everyday tasks often worry about falling or not being able to get help, which can lead to isolation.

Assisted living helps with ADLs

Assisted living can be a wonderful option for older adults who require assistance with ADLs. Many assisted living facilities provide assistance in performing ADLs, and most charge an extra fee for this service. This service allows older adults to retain some independence while living in a community with other seniors. It also gives them the opportunity to socialize. Assisted living facilities usually offer different levels of ADL help. Here are some of the ADLs that residents need assistance with.

Assisted living can improve health

Assisted living offers an array of health benefits to senior residents. Many communities are designed for seniors, providing them with extra help and supervision when they need it. This enriched environment is also beneficial to seniors’ safety. CDC statistics show that one in four seniors fall each year. They often experience balance issues and brittle bones. The following are three ways assisted living can improve your health. Listed below are some of the benefits of assisted living.

Assisted living can be affordable

While most families use private resources to pay for assisted living, government programs may provide additional financial assistance. Social Security can cover some of the cost, but not all of it. While Medicare pays for medical expenses in assisted living, it doesn’t cover room and board. It’s a good idea to check with your state Medicaid resource before committing to any assisted living options. This free tool will help you evaluate your relative’s needs and find the best place to meet them.

Assisted living can be located near loved ones

While you may want your loved one to remain in their home as long as possible, a full-time caregiver cannot provide the type of care your aging parent requires. Assisted living is an excellent option for such situations. It’s a close, convenient location that can be reached within minutes of your loved one’s home. A doctor’s opinion can be valuable to both the senior and the caregiver. The doctor’s opinion can be comforting and can boost the senior’s confidence.

Assisted living can be a good option for couples

Choosing an assisted living facility for a couple is more challenging than looking for a facility for two single individuals. It takes careful consideration to find a balance between the two individuals’ needs. In many cases, the couple will need to compromise on personal care in order to accommodate one another’s needs. Families should work with the couple to find a middle ground. The assisted living facility should meet both of the residents’ needs and their personal preferences.

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